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4 Reasons Why A Mobile Optimized Website Is Essential For Your Business

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Which of the following is true about mobile optimized websites? a. Users access the internet via laptops, tablets, watches, and other mobile devices. b. Google boosts mobile search rankings for mobile-friendly websites. c. Mobile searches have exceeded desktop queries worldwide. d. All of the above. The answer is d. That should tell you that you can’t afford to ignore mobilize …

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7 Signs You’re in Need of a Website Revamp

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When did you last get a website revamp? You should consider it more often than you think. Google’s algorithms change all the time and user behavior updates too. If you don’t keep up, your website will become an outdated fossil on the Internet with no visitors and definitely no profits. How can you tell if it’s time to revamp the …

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10 Website Basics That Make a First Impression

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Today, your business’s first impression is often its website – but is yours making the right one? We’re laying down the top 10 laws of website basicsĀ to help your site stand out, stay safe, and represent your company well. Tip 1: Buy Your Own Domain Name One of the biggest website basics? What people type into their search bar to …