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This shows a variety of different editing styles I’ve done for personal projects, client projects, as well as for friends.

Need to add music to your project? I have access to licensed music to enhance any video project.

Need color correction? I can adjust settings to match any style you’d like.

Need Transcription services? I have access to audio-to-text software to burn-in captions on the video, or to generate separately in a word document for any other purposes.

Want to match another popular editing style? I’m able to match other popular styles or work with you to create your own style/brand.

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Social Media

These videos were edited from a bigger interview for Instagram and Facebook. Used closed captioning to enhance the visibility of the dialogue. I have software that automatically creates transcripts of videos to overlay/stylize over any video.


Early Project

Mimicking the editing style of a Disney Vacation Video.


This was created for a 72 hour film contest in 2007. This parodied a Walt Disney World Vacation Video Promo DVD that Disney used to send out for free.

Client Work

The videos below were edited for various clients.


Client: Community Health
Edited by Jeffrey Higgens
Footage filmed on green screen provided by client.


Client: Community Health
Edited by Jeffrey Higgens
Footage filmed on green screen provided by client.


Client: Indy Fuel Hockey
Edited and portions filmed by Higgens Media
Game footage provided by client.


Client: Hyatt Regency Indianapolis
Edited by Higgens Media
Footage provided by Hyatt. Audio and motion graphics added/enhanced by Higgens Media. This aired on the hotel’s channel, as they hosted people auditioning for America’s Got Talent.


Client: WTHR (NBC – Indianapolis)
Filmed/Edited/Produced by Jeffrey Higgens
Created as part of a digital series on WTHR.com, NBC’s Indianapolis affiliate.


Client: Kevin McNamara Law
Filmed/Edited by Higgens Media


Client: Baker & Gilchrist Law
Filmed/Edited by Higgens Media
Created as part of a FAQ series for client.


Client: This Old Farm Food Hub
Filmed/Edited by Jeffrey Higgens


Client: This Old Farm Food Hub
Filmed/Edited by Jeffrey Higgens


Client: This Old Farm Food Hub
Filmed/Edited by Jeffrey Higgens


Client: Best Buddies – Ball State Chapter
Filmed/Edited by Jeffrey Higgens
Results: Chapter was able to win the International Chapter of the Year Award for the first time with this video.


Client: Hope61 Human Trafficking Prevention
Filmed/Edited by Jeffrey Higgens

Wedding Highlight Videos

Drone Videography


72 Theatre

72 Theatre is my passion project where I exercise writing, editing, special effects, prop development, and branding.


Call to action for actors, along with a quick overview of 72 Theatre


Sketch comedy of a fake newscast.


A film created in 48 hours for the 48 Hour Film Project contest.


Sketch comedy – parody of an outdoor survival show.


Sketch comedy of a fake craft show.


Sketch comedy spoof of medical commercial.

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