How a website impacts sales

How we quickly saved a digital advertising campaign

The Problem

Greenway Lawn Care bought digital display ads but were not seeing results. Many potential customers were being directed to their website, but no leads were being generated. Higgens Media was contacted to do a quick website diagnosis and found two critical issues:

  • Slow Site Load Speed
    This is the #1 issue we see with websites. Owners are spending $20 or less on hosting and crammed onto a server with other websites. This site would load anywhere from 15 seconds to timing out and resulting in an error page. When we conducting a quick Google Core Vital test, even Google couldn’t fully audit the website as the site wouldn’t load. Even though the client was directing all these interested customers to their website, the chances were high the customer never even saw their offer or phone number.
  • Form Submit Button Didn’t Work
    When the site did load, users were shown an offer – but if they tried to claim the offer, the submit button didn’t work.

The Solution + Results

After our quick audit, Greenway Lawn Care immediately paused their digital campaign and we went to work. We rebuilt their entire website and transferred it to a reliable hosting provider. We did this as quickly as possible so that our client could start generating leads again while we worked on other aspects of the site. Once the site was up and running smoothly, we relaunched the digital campaign and began monitoring form submissions and phone calls. Within days, we were seeing an increase in both leads and sales – proving that our client’s investment had been well worth it.

A website is a powerful tool that can make or break your business. If you’re losing potential leads due to a slow or outdated website, Higgens Media can help. We can quickly update your existing site so that you can start generating leads and making sales.

Want the same website audit we did for Greenway Lawn Care to see what is holding your site back from sales? Click here to schedule a free site audit.

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