Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Fully-managed social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram

Running effective social media advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram can be time-consuming and complicated.

Without the right expertise and strategy, your campaigns may not deliver the results you desire. You could end up wasting time, money, and valuable resources.

That’s where Higgens Media comes in. Our fully-managed social media advertising service takes the hassle out of running successful campaigns. With our team of experts, we handle everything from campaign set-up to ad creatives, optimization, and reporting.

With our proven best practices, we know how to maximize your budget and drive targeted traffic and ticket sales to your events. Whether you’re looking to reach a specific audience or increase your conversions, Higgens Media has the solution for your Meta ad campaigns.

So why stress over managing your social media advertising when you can trust Higgens Media to handle it all for you? Let us take your campaigns to the next level and start seeing the results you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Campaign Set-up

    During our launch call, we delve deeper into your business or organization. We seek to understand your campaign objectives and configure Facebook tracking and conversion pixels. Additionally, we assist in identifying the ideal target audience for your campaign.

  • Ad Creative Creation

    We leverage your unique brand assets, including photos and videos, or provide access to our extensive stock library. Our approach goes beyond just creating a single ad; we design multiple ads and copy to determine which resonates most with your target audience. With our expertise, we ensure your ads are not only visually appealing but also highly effective in engaging your audience.

  • Optimization

    We run multiple ads and copies. We deactivate underperforming ads and continuously optimize new ads throughout the campaign. Our strategy has consistently demonstrated a reduction in cost per click and cost per lead.

  • Reporting

    Our comprehensive report provides a detailed breakdown of advertising performance, encompassing key metrics such as cost per click, cost per unique click, engagement metrics, conversion metrics, and more. With Facebook's ad reporting tools, we delve deep into the data to uncover valuable insights that drive informed decisions for future campaigns.

Social Media Calculator

Tell us how much you have to invest in your Facebook or Instagram campaign, and we’ll show you how much will go towards the campaign vs admin fee/optimizations.

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Impact on CPM

The impact on CPM is minimal, especially with campaigns with a total budget of over $3,500.

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