8 Content Marketing Ideas You Need to Know


Content marketing you know you have to have killer content for SEO. But you’re busy with all the other aspects of your busy.

Sometimes creative content ideas aren’t there when you need ’em. We’ve got you covered.

Check out our list of 8 content marketing ideas and make the whole process easier!

8 Content Marketing Ideas

As a business owner, you already know you need to get content out there.

It needs to be something different. It needs to be something your audience will love.

And set you up as a trusted advisor. A subject expert. But what to write?

You can be more creative than just blogs, and there are lots of ways to beef up the blogs you already have.

What are we talking about? Let’s take a look at the list of 8 content marketing ideas you need to know.

1. Get Visual

People trust their visual sense more than any other. We find images irresistible.

Ever noticed when there is a TV in the room, no matter how interesting the conversation you’re in, or how boring the TV, you had to fight to keep your eyes off it? So play to this weakness we all have.

Make blogs with lots of visual content, such as pictures off of your Instagram or Pinterest. That’s’ a great way to go cross-platform as well, all tops for boosting followers and increasing SEO.

By blogging with pictures of trends you’ve spotted, you are placing yourself as the expert, the taste-master. This is highly shareable content that your audience will love.

2. Write a Roundup

If you’re stuck for inspiration for content for blogs, why not write a weekly roundup of the best content you’ve found in your industry. Through your own social media, you’re looking through more specialized content than your time-poor audience.

Why not collate a list of the best things you’ve seen that week. Upload lists of unique design ideas, best management tips – whatever your particular field happens to be.

The companies you highlight may be open to sharing your content in the future. In an SEO-relationship of mutual benefit.

3. Go Guest Post

One way you could mix up your content creation is to write for a slightly different audience or in another format, for another website. As a guest writer. This is a great way to boost your Google rankings.

It also gives you access to a slightly different audience. It’s very likely the company you write for will want to trade, putting their links on your website too, so it’s win-win.

Writing on another website gives you some added industry clout as an authority, subject-matter expert too.

4. Prepare to Podcast

Podcasting isn’t for everyone, but give it a go before you decide either way. You could start with a 15 to 20-minute episode.

A solid idea is to buy some buying tips for customers shopping for products or services like yours. What sorts of things should they look for, how can they cross-check quotes, what traps should they avoid.

5. You Can YouTube

Take the podcast a step further – film it and get it on your YouTube channel. Think of some theme and get some videos up on YouTube regularly. You can link to them in blogs, share them on your other social media platforms.

Why not use your youtube channel to answer one common customer question each week? As people type that very question into google, they’ll find you – if you play your SEO right.

6. Run a Webinar

You’ve probably got years, maybe even decades of experience in your field. So share it! Run a webinar where you give away a little expertise for free, leaving some core content for customers or paid subscribers only.

People love a webinar, and when they sign up for free you can add them to your contact list. That means all this killer content you’re creating gets shared with a wider audience.

7. Make Infographics

We mentioned the importance of visual at the very start of this list. There are a bunch of free online tools you can use to make infographics. You could make lists of ‘things to do after a car-crash’ or ‘what you’ll need to pack’ etc, linking them to your industry, product or service.

Another example of some useful, and therefore shareable content that is likely to boost your rankings and get you some new customers.

8. Share PowerPoints on SlideShare

Creating content isn’t always about making something new. You’re likely sitting on a goldmine of content that your audience will love – you just need to repurpose it. One example is powerpoints.

We bet you’ve got a few powerful powerpoint slideshows that pitch your business, answer customer questions, or launch new products. Repurpose them and get them up on SlideShare. You’ve just created easily findable, useful content without losing valuable time.

One Last Piece of Advice

In your business, you leave the accounting to the accountants and the deliveries to the deliverers. So why are you sweating content marketing? We bet you could use that time managing your business.

It can be a great idea to outsource to professionals who can ensure you get great Google rankings. They’ll know what your local Indianapolis competitors are doing. And what you can do to step it up.

Bringing It Together

All businesses need to be creating content – that message is loud and clear. What we don’t hear enough is that the content needs to be worthwhile. If you’re not making original, creative content, you’re not helping your audience.

You’ve now got some quality content marketing ideas.

To repurpose marketing material you have, and to create original marketing content that your audience will love. If you’re finding you’re still time-poor or not getting the rankings results you need, it’s time to look to some professional help and advice.

Ask Higgens Media about what their full-service web design and content writing service can do for your business today.

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