Perform A Thorough Website Audit In 5 Steps


It’s no secret, the Internet has exploded. 3.5 billion people around the world access it from multiple devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What that really means for your business is that it’s a tremendous opportunity.

Never has there been a better way to connect with so many consumers in a single place. But is simply being present online enough?

Sure, most businesses have websites. To that end, a recent survey found that 71% of small businesses had a site for their company.

But what good is a website if it’s not bringing you the results you’re looking for? If you’re convinced that your website could be bringing you more customers, revenue, etc. you’re not alone.

To maximize your web presence, you need to perform a website audit. Below are some simple ways to do that.

1) Design

The first thing people will notice when they come to your website is its design. Good design can mean high sales and customer retention. Bad design can mean people bouncing off of your page and your search engine ranking tanking.

To analyze your design during a website audit, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your content easy to navigate?
  • Is your design guiding users through your content, down to your call to actions and towards your products and services?
  • Does your website work well on multiple platforms?

Making sure that you have satisfactory answers to the above design questions will boost your ability to convert visitors into customers.

2) Fine Tune You Call to Actions

Call to actions are where we ask users to engage with us on a deeper level and guide them towards becoming customers. When auditing your CTA’s ask the following:

  • Do your web pages/blog content all have clear, clickable call to action links?
  • Are you making sure to keep your call to actions per page down to 3 or fewer?
  • Is your call to action spread throughout your page?

Making sure readers can get to your calls to action and that those CTA’s are compelling will help you generate more revenue.

3) Make Sure your Content is Structured Well

Every piece of content on your page should have an intended goal. Is it to sign up for a mailing list? Is it to make a purchase?

Ask yourself these questions when receiving your content:

  • Is your call to action prominent in your content and consistent with what the purpose of your content is?
  • Is your content structured well with H2, H3, and other tags?
  • Is your content free of spelling and grammar errors?

The more readable and goal oriented your content is, the better its conversion rates will be.

4) SEO

Search engine optimization allows your content to surface high on results pages. With billions of search engine queries being processed each day, a good SEO strategy can make or break your website.

When conducting an SEO audit ask yourself:

  • Does your content incorporate well-researched keywords?
  • Are your keywords present in the title, body, and meta-description of your piece?
  • Do you have a link building strategy in place to raise your page rank and domain authority?

Having a well thought out SEO strategy will allow more users to find you online.

5) Social Media

While websites are at the center of any business’ online strategy, social media allows you to extend the way you interact with customers.

In regard to social media, ask yourself the following when doing a website audit:

  • Are you present on all social media channels relevant to your brand?
  • Are you uploading content on those social media channels consistently?
  • Are your social media channels integrated with your website?

Managing your social media channels, consistently and authentically and integrating those channels with your website can increase your marketing reach dramatically.

Wrapping Up Conducting a Website Audit

Having a website is good. Having a website that’s optimized is great. To bridge that gap, perform a website audit.

Make sure your website embodies good design, SEO, quality call to actions, good social media integration, and well-structured content.

If you do, you’ll see an uptick in traffic almost immediately!

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