The Best Reasons to Have a Website Even if You Already Have a Facebook Page


Most people think that having a Facebook page is enough, but the truth is that a good website will give you more control over your brand and help to drive more traffic from search engines to your site. Here are some of the reasons why you need a website even when you have a Facebook page.

1. You can create a website with the look and feel that you want

When you create your own website, you can control the look and feel to match your brand. This means that you can make it look exactly how you want, and you can use your website to create a strong and consistent branding message. This is not possible with Facebook.

2. You can do whatever you want on your website

When you design and create a website, it’s like creating your own mini-world. You can take people to different places within that world using hyperlinks inside the content. With Facebook, you’re restricted to what they allow and what their algorithm will show on the newsfeed.

3. A website gives you more control over your traffic than Facebook

A website also allows for additional opportunities for getting traffic compared to Facebook. Your site can rank higher in search results than your Facebook page can. This means that people find you faster and get exposure to your brand sooner than they would finding your Facebook page.

4. You can use a website to identify, connect with, and convert more leads

You also have the opportunity to collect emails at every point on your site so you can build up an email list of potential customers who are interested in what you offer. On top of this, when someone types in their details to opt-in or subscribe for something, it’s possible for you to follow-up with them using other email marketing tools. Plus, because these contacts are collected on your website, you are able to see all their details – Facebook doesn’t give you information on everyone who engages with your page.

5. With a website, you can use analytics software to understand how people are using your site

The great thing about a website is that you can use analytics software to understand how people are using your site. Analytics lets you know if people are reading an article, watching a video, or clicking on a link. You can then customize your content to appeal to the type of user that visited your site. Higgens Media even has a feature beyond the basic Google Analytics that allows you to easily see how visitors interact with your website.

6. A good website will give you more traffic from search engines – even when people don’t know about your page yet!

When you write unique and valuable content, you’re giving people a reason to visit your website and learn more about what you offer. Not only that, but by publishing great content, you’re also increasing the chances that your website will show up in search engine results pages (SERPs). This means that potential customers who are looking for information on businesses like yours will be more likely to find you – even if they don’t know about your business yet!

It’s not enough to have a Facebook page anymore. You need your own website so you can create strong branding, increase control of traffic and convert more leads. Schedule a free web consultation with Higgens Media to see how to start or increase your online presence.

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