Website leads to loss of potential customers and how we fixed it


Before you spend money on a marketing campaign directing people to your website, conduct a website audit.

Problem: No leads from a digital campaign

A local business was in the middle of spending money on a digital campaign. Hundreds of potential customers were being directed to their website – unfortunately, no one was filling out their form or taking action. The client’s bounce rate was extremely high and the client hadn’t seen a lift in phone calls or any form fills.

This is a scenario we’ve seen with numerous clients across all industries – from lawn care services to financial advisors. Thousands are being spent on marketing but no one is converted on the website.

In this case, the lawn care company contacted Higgens Media to do a free website audit. Our free website audit consists of going through your website to see potential call-to-action issues, running your site through various tools, checking load time, and manually checking forms and links, and assessing your Google Analytics (if installed). We then prepare this in a nice report that you can take to your web team, or you can hire us to guarantee the issues are fixed.

What the free site audit uncovered

The first issue we spotted was slow load times. This is the #1 issue we’ve seen with every client who comes to us looking for a website redesign or who is facing conversion problems. Unfortunately, many businesses purchase web hosting that is not optimal for their site. The most people are willing to wait for a site to load is 3 seconds. This site was taking anywhere from 21 seconds to timing out. In fact, many of our SEO tools couldn’t diagnose the page speed because there was a 404 error page.

The second issue is the form not submitting. When the website did load, we tested the form submit button and it didn’t do anything. Users were potentially filling out their information to claim an offer, but the form wasn’t being submitted.

Higgens Media compiled our data and sent our recommendations to the client.

The client immediately halted their digital marketing campaign and hired Higgens Media to fix their website.

Solution: Fixed in a matter of days

In many cases, Higgens Media can rebuild a site within days. We placed their site on our blazing-fast servers, restructured their website so their site matched their digital campaign’s call-to-action, and created a form that worked.

Within hours of their new site and turning their digital campaign back on, forms and phone calls were coming in from their digital marketing campaign. As you can see – their site loads blazing fast!

Google Core Vital Web Statistics for website

Higgens Free Site Audit vs Site Audit Tools

Do you have a website that is not getting any results, even though you’re directing a lot of traffic to it? Our free website audit can uncover issues such as slow load times, optimization opportunities, and even uncover issues the free automatic audit tools can’t uncover (fun fact: free website audit tools can’t uncover if forms don’t work, or if your call-to-action isn’t optimized). Higgens Media utilizies both automatic and manual site audit tools and puts them in a nice report, ready for you to show your web team – or perform yourself.

Of course, we’ll always be available to execute the changes as well!

Schedule a free site audit today.

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